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13 hours, 20 minutes, and 29 seconds until Rallos Zek/Mithaniel Marr!
Welcome to Circulus Interiorem
Hello everyone! Welcome to Circulus Interiorem AKA Inner Circle. Myself (Seear) and the Guild Leader (Pappasalt) have known each other for many years and we play a lot of games together. It started with Everquest back when Shadows of Luclin launched, and we have gone though World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, Overwatch, Diablo, Everquest 2, and many more games i could mention but do not need to. Our third officer, Jokur has just joined us in the past few months and has become a steady and reliable member of the team. We are also joined by several long time friends/family, Porpentina, Crimsonfire, and Gurldataweave. And some new friends Khanrizzl, Celilis, Scarhearth, Toughguy, Genomdrunkers, and Callibus (im sure i missed some people and i apologize im typing this out quick)

Circulus Interiorem will always be a leveling guild, we will always recuit anyone who wants to find friends and play together. If nothing else that will always be the case. Some of us want more though, as much as we enjoy leveling and group content we want to see the raids, Plane of Hate, NTOV, VT, Time, Txevu and so on. You guild leaders do as well.

The Bonus experience is over and it is time to move into our next plan of attack. However this is a CASUAL guild, we are not going to be rushing content and spending hours throwing bodys at bosses just to defeat bosses, our goal is to go into bosses over prepared, all raids will be 55+, exceptions can be made at the discretion of the officers, and the officers word is final. However out of scheduled raiding is welcomed and encouraged. We will try our best to announce our plan for raiding per week and you are welcome to make any raids that will not effect our lockouts.

Discord is REQUIRED for raiding. we will not be typing out raiding instructions, a mic is not required but being able to here our instructions is. Also with that we strongly encourage Push to Talk, some people are very good about setting sensitivity to not be an issue and not have to require push to talk, however if this is an issue we will ask that you remain muted or we will mute you if we have to.

More to come as i have time to update. reguarding DKP vs Loot Council, Raiding requirements, expectations and ect.
Wednesday, May 15, 2019
SSRA / Caprin Deatharn / Grummus
Monday the 13th, night we cleared SSRA up to Emp then went for Caprin in CoD, and finished up with Grummus to backflag some members.

Watch ==Selo== RAID TIME! ** !freesub !krono #reclinergaming #chairbear from pappasalt on
Friday, May 10, 2019
UP / AR / Griegs / SSRA
Wednesday night we cleared Umbral Plains / Akheva Ruins / Grieg's End / SSRA all but Cursed, and Emperor.

Here's a Broadcast Playback from our very own Pappasalt.

Watch ==Selo== Luclin raiding ** !freesub !krono #reclinergaming #chairbear from pappasalt on
Monday, May 6, 2019
Trak x2 / Grummus / MB Down!
Find all the LOOT Here!

Thursday, May 2, 2019
New Site Up and Running
Website for SISelo created
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